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Business hours
Business hoursGovernment offices: from 9:00 to 14:00, Saturday to Thursday
Banks: from 8:30 to 14:00, Sunday to Thursday.
Shops: from 10:00 to 22:00, Monday to Saturday.

Car Rental
Car RentalIf you decide to drive by yourself, remember that in Egypt left hand drive is the norm as opposed to the UK for instance. Roads are signposted and fairly easy to follow instructions. Areas like the south of Aswan, near the border with Sudan and much of the Western desert cannot be entered without permission from the concerned authorities.

ClothingRequirements vary according to season. During the day summer clothes are suitable. In winter you will need lightweight wool clothes and pullovers, whilst in the summer light cotton clothes and comfortable shoes are recommended. It is also advisable to take sun glasses and protective head gear, a hat or a cap and sun cream for protection against the harsh rays of the sun. The sun can be intense, especially in summer. For open air evening events ladies' jackets, shawls or light coats may be needed. Light suits for gentlemen are suitable at all times. Don’t forget to bring along your swimming costume. Most hotels, even in Cairo, have swimming pools. Egypt is religious country; therefore, modest dress is essential. Short dresses should be avoided, particularly when visiting religious sites such as mosques.

Currency Exchange & Credit cards
Currency Exchange & Credit cardsThere are exchange bureaus at all major hotels, most bank offices and at the airport. International hard currencies and Traveler's checks are accepted at banks, international hotels, restaurants, shops and almost all tourist sites. Major credit cards like American express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted in most places. Some can be used with automatic cashing machines.

Electrical Current
Electrical CurrentIt is A/C 220 volts 50Hz. Wall plugs are the round two-prong European type. Kindly notice your need for an adapter.

GeographyWith its 1,001,450 sq km (391,191 sq miles) Egypt is delimited on three sides by natural boundaries: to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, to the east by the Eastern Desert, which extends as far as the Red Sea, and to the west by the vast Western Desert, The beginning of the great western Sahara, the start of all grand Saharas the great sand sea
LanguageThe official Language is Arab. English and French being the most widely-spoken foreign Languages, although Italian and German are sometimes spoken in restaurants and hotels and increasingly in shops too.
PharmaciesIn addition to medicine, pharmacies also sell perfumes and cosmetics. Some are open 24 hours a day.

PopulationEgypt has approximately 70 million inhabitants. 90% of whom live in the Nile Valley.
Religion80% of the population is Muslim and 20% are Coptic Christians.
ShoppingTraditional Egyptian accessories and gifts are easily available in bazaars. The bazaars of Khan El Khalili in Cairo is the place to pick up some souvenirs: African woodwork, blown glass, papyrus, spices, aromatic oils, rare stones and oriental jewelry. You will find a wide range of Egyptian products, particularly local handicrafts, to suit all tastes. Khan El Khalili bazaar and some others bazaars have flexible hours, but are closed on Sundays. There are also several malls in Cairo where you could very easily spend an afternoon window shopping though it could be more expensive than the downtown shops. Bargaining is common practice in some bazaars.

Telephone Systems
Telephone SystemsEgypt has modernized its telephone systems, all cities maybe accessed by direct dial. Phone booths are distributed all over the areas of most cities. Egypt country code is +20

Underwater exploring
Underwater exploringThe underwater world and the incredible coral reefs are to be seen at the Red Sea. Diving, snorkeling or a ride in the adventurous submarine are the ideal way to explore the many treasures of the Red Sea. Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga and Marsa Alam are some of the important cities offering diving. Diving with special needs is also available in Hurghada.

Visas and Passports
Visas and PassportsEntry visas are required for most nationals visiting Egypt. Kindly contact the nearest Egyptian Consulate to apply and obtain your visas. Most visas are issued against a certain councilor fees. Visas for a stay of one month may be obtained at the airport upon arrival for most nationalities. Please check with us impervious. All visitors to Egypt must hold a current passport with at least 6 months validation subsequent to the date of the proposed visit.

Wind and Sea Conditions
Wind and Sea Conditionswind, wave & weather reports & forecasts for surfers, divers, boats.Click�
24/24 real time weather forcasting

Yachts and Boats
Yachts and BoatsIf you are interested in offshore sightseeing, or would like to combine that experience with a diving Safari, choose from the finest selection of yachts and boats and visit the many beautiful islands in the Red Sea, such as the Lost Virgin "El Nabaa." We will be happy to arrange these excursions for you.

Capital city Cairo
Capital city CairoCairo, the city that never sleeps, is the largest city in Africa

ClimateMost of Egypt is dry all year round, except the Mediterranean coast, which can see some rain falls during autumn and winter. During summer, a dry climate with temperatures reaching 32 degrees on the Mediterranean coast and up to 45Cº (degrees Celsius) in upper Egypt. Despite the hot climate during the day, evenings are still pleasant with the cool northerly breeze. Winter months are very moderate though the waters of the Red sea can get a bit too cold for swimming during December, January and February.
CurrencyThe currency is the Egyptian Pound (L.E.) or "ginei" as it is called in Arabic. It is divided into 100 Piasters. Banknotes (paper currency) are available in the following denominations: 0.25, 0.50, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Pounds (L.E.). Although coins also exist, they are hard to come by. Coins are available in the following denominations: 5, 10, 20, and 25 Piasters.

Exchange rate: 1 US Dollar = approximately 5.7 (L.E.), depending on the daily rate. Foreign currency can be exchanged at all banks and authorized exchange offices where the official rates of exchange are posted daily. Click for 24/24 real time currency conversion Currency converter

Currency restrictions
Currency restrictionsThe importation and exportation of local currency is limited to 1000 Egyptian pounds for non-residents. The importation and exportation of foreign currency is not limited.
FoodAll hotels and restaurants serve all kind of dishes such as local, Italian, French, Chinese, Indian and Oriental cuisine. Many restaurants also specialize in foreign food such as French, Italian, Lebanese, Greek, Chinese and Indian cuisine. The typical Egyptian foods are rice, pita bread and beans. The light and not particularly spicy Egyptian cuisine is also popular with tourists. Locally brewed beer and wine are available throughout the country.

Internet Access
Internet AccessAccess to the internet is available all over the country by phone connection. The Following numbers provide internet access [07770777, 07770808, 07774444 and 07777777]

Mobile Phones
Mobile PhonesMobile phones with roaming possibilities "GSM" operate efficiently in most areas in Egypt. The networks have been expanded in most cities and beach resorts.

PhotographyTaking pictures inside tombs, temples and pyramids is almost everywhere allowed with a photography fee, which is not included in the tour package price. At all temples the use of flash is prohibited.

Public Transportation
Public TransportationThere's a very good system of public and private transport in Egypt. Buses and minibuses are cheaper and operate throughout the country. The rail connects every town in the country from Aswan to Alexandria. Taxis can be found easily in the main towns and cities. Decide the fare before the journey starts. Many minibus-taxis traveling from town to town operate under a share system and wait until they are full before departure.

Services and Government Offices
Services and Government OfficesGovernment offices, including post offices, are open from 8:00AM - 3:00PM, Saturday through Wednesday, and are closed Thursdays, Fridays and on national holidays. Shops are open daily from 9:00AM - 8:00PM, with some shops closed on Sundays or Fridays.

SportsThere is a great diverse of sports that you can enjoy such as tennis, golf, windsurfing, water-skiing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

TimeGreenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 2 hours during winter and 3 hours during summer.

VaccinationsVaccinations are no longer necessary or required to enter Egypt except a valid Yellow Fever Certificate for visitors coming from Yellow Fever endemic areas. Health care system in Egypt is comparable to any system in the developed world. However, we advise you to avoid drinking unsealed bottled water or other beverages and drinks with ice. Please consult your doctor for more advice. For all health requirements and recommendations, travelers should check with a local Department of Health clinic.
Weights and measures
Weights and measuresThe metric system is in use: Kilometer, Kilogram, Centigrade...etc
Words in Arabic
Words in ArabicAhlan wa sahlan (Welcome), Shokran (Thank You), Sabah el kher (Good Morning), Ma`a el salama (Good Bye), Bokra (Tomorrow), F'lus (Money), Shay (Tea), Kahwa, (Coffee)


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