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Who we are?

We are a highly challenging team of people, with tourism, engineering and health care back grounds, working in social development, tourism & well fair in Egypt since 1988. Only by heart and brains we felt that we need something more challenging. So we decided to specialize ourselves in Tourism for Disabled people. And it seems like we've found our lost match.

What do we do?

Have you ever thought about going down in a Pharaonic tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, flying with an ultra light over the Egyptian desert and the red sea, doing a desert camel safari for 3 - 4 days in Sinai, or in the white desert, or diving in the red sea?
All this and even more is possible now with us, the "Egypt for all" team. Yes, we can take you much further than your mind can go. Nothing is too much for us. If you are adventurous enough, then we are the right people for you. Come to us and you will have more fun and adventure than you can ever imagine.

The Disabled Travelling Adventure

Egypt for all is a specialized travelling program for people with disabilities.
Our Slogan is unique and simple "your disability will never be a constrain anymore, as long as your mind tunes up with our adventure and exploration spirits"
Our motive is based on a very simple principal "regardless of your disability, you are not different but you are special, you can do what others can do, and even more"
Our country, Egypt, this historically famous land, not only offers history, heritage and moderate weather, but a lot more.

Our Objective

Providing a challenging and extraordinary tourism program for those who never thought they could visit Egypt before.


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Yola Vanhoorne

"..OP REIS NAAR EGYPTE…. Toen ik dat artikel van Lucy in De Sleutel las, dacht ik: dat is het! Ik heb dan onmiddellijk de koe bij de horens gevat en naar Lucy gebeld en ja de 5 de april zijn mijn man en ikzelf (als persoon met MS en vaak rolstoelafhankelijk) dan naar Egypte vertrokken. Alles werd door de organisatie “Egypt for all” geregeld.. Meer over deze organisatie kom je te weten op hun nieuwe site: www.egyptforall.com Inderdaad, in iedere luchthaven stond er iemand ons op te wachten en Guido, mijn echtgenoot hoefde niets, maar ook niets te doen; ook voor hem betekende dit een droomvakantie. In Cairo hebben we o.a. de piramides, de souks, het museum, en een Islamitische bidplaats bezocht, wat voor een rolstoelpatiënt normaal onmogelijk is. Mijn begeleider Moustafa, de Engelstalige gids, onze chauffeur (voor ons alleen) maakten het Guido en mij bijzonder aangenaam. .." Read More

Yola Vanhoorne

 Population  Egypt has approximately 70 million inhabitants. 90% of whom live in the Nie Valley.Population.. Read More



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